Our Services

Repointing Services

Brick Walls, Full elevations, entire properties or just minor repairs we can cater to it all, any pointing type you require we have over 15 years of experience in this industry.

Offering a completely tailored service to your property we have experience working in conservation areas and heritage properties, We can advise on the various types of mortar that can be used and recommend the right choice for your property.

If you’re looking to improve the look of your property or just ensure that it is air and water tight we can tailor our quote to suit your needs and budget.

We are unique in that for most moderately size projects we can supply scaffolding at a reduced cost as we have our scaffold tower bridges which suit the average property repoint. Offering a significant cost saving to our customers. Some properties may still require scaffolding for access to chimneys or large elevations where it is not suitable to use tower scaffolds such as overhangs or gable ends over garages.

Chimney Repair

We can offer a complete service to repair your chimney from Repointing, Flaunching, Capping & Removal. What ever you require.

Roof Repairs

Our roofers can tackle all manner of roof repairs from a basic as a broken tile to pointing of ridge tiles, verges, replacement of felting and battening, and any pitched roof we can provide our services for. (We do not offer any flat roofing services)


Catering primarily to exterior painting and redecoration, for all surfaces from fascias, to walls, entrance ways, and window frames, we also offer commercial services for exterior and interior communal areas and reactive repair services.