Fascia Soffit and Guttering Replacement

Fascia Soffit & Guttering Replacement

Improve the longevity of your home exterior through fascia soffit and gutter replacement 

Bedford Property Services is a leading specialist in facia and soffit replacement throughout Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. We understand that homeowners require high-quality craftsmanship and reliable service.

Whether your property requires the replacement of small sections or a complete facia and soffit overhaul, our team can expertly handle any job from start to finish.

Using only the highest-grade uPVC materials, we create a perfectly fitted and seamless finish. You can trust us to expertly install attractive new facia and soffit that will stand the test of time while protecting the structural integrity of your property for many years to come.

We provide upfront transparent pricing and schedule all work around your availability. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

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Fascia Soffit & Gutter Replacement EXPERTS


Our expert team is equipped to provide high-quality fascia soffit and gutter replacement services that protect homes from water damage while improving curb appeal. Through our work, homeowners gain strong protection for their property’s structural integrity from weathering, as well as an enhanced aesthetic.

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Clogged gutters are one of the most prevalent issues facing homeowners during wet weather. At first glance, a blocked gutter may seem trivial, but left unaddressed it can result in serious problems necessitating costly repairs and disruptions. 

Our team understands that homeowners require gutters to be installed and maintained properly to prevent water damage and structural issues. Whether you need full gutter replacement or specific repairs, we have the expertise and experience to complete the job efficiently. 

As a local company, we provide a reliable, transparent service with flexible scheduling. You can trust Bedford Property Services to professionally install new gutters that will protect your home’s exterior for many years to come.

With decades of combined experience installing and repairing gutters across the UK, our team can handle any gutter project professionally and efficiently. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote. 

What PRODUCTS do we recommend?


Bedford Property Services uses the high-quality Freeflow PVC-U gutter system from Freefoam. As a leading gutter system developed through extensive research, Freeflow offers reliable, leak-free protection. It installs quickly and is compatible with other systems through the use of adaptors. The gutters seamlessly integrate with Freefoam fascias and soffits while coming in standard colors to enhance any home aesthetic.

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1. Freeflow gutters feature a white interior and colored exterior, co-extruded to minimise heat absorption and prevent expansion issues like creaking and leaks seen in traditional gutters exposed to sunlight.

2. Freeflow accessories use advanced compressible seals for flexible, watertight joints between gutter lengths, allowing silent movement without gaps or leaks.

3. Freeflow offers a significant competitive advantage with a 50-year lifetime guarantee for registered white installations, while a 10-year guarantee applies to other colors. Online registration is required to qualify for the lifetime coverage, with non-registered white products receiving a 20-year standard guarantee. 

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4. All of Freeflow’s gutters and downpipes are supplied with a temporary protective film applied. This film helps shield the gutters and downpipes from knocks, scratches or other damage that may occur during transit or installation. By providing this protective coating, Freeflow is able to ensure the gutters and downpipes are delivered and installed with a professional, high quality finish.

5. Freeflow gutter systems are designed and produced with environmental sustainability in mind. The systems utilize a blend of recycled materials and virgin inputs to reduce environmental impact while still achieving high-performance. The recycled content can be up to 85% of the total composition on average. All recycled material incorporated is 100% lead-free Freefoam recycled plastic. 

Deep Gutter System

The Freeflow Deep Gutter offers significant benefits over standard round gutters:

Increased capacity

Our system provides 50% more capacity to better manage today's higher rainfall levels.

Suitable design

With a deep profile, it is well-suited to steeply pitched roofs and larger homes that collect larger volumes of water.

Retrofit compatibility

The design seamlessly blends in with existing round gutters, providing older properties a solution to potentially insufficient drainage without costly upgrades. There is always something perfect for everyone!

Whole-home solution

For homes adding extensions requiring increased gutter capacity, upgrading to the deep gutter avoids the need for extra drainage runs or soakaways by providing ample water handling across the entire home.

The Freeflow Deep Gutter provides an effective way to upgrade gutter systems to address modern rainfall levels through a high capacity design that seamlessly integrates with current installations. Both retrofit projects and whole home renovations can benefit from this solution without requiring disruptive excavation work to increase drainage functionality. 

The gutters also feature UV protection and are generally white on the inside nowadays to reduce heat retention through improved heat dissipation, which is particularly important for south facing gutters that are more exposed to the sun’s rays. This design underscores Freeflow’s commitment to durable, high-performing gutters that can reliably manage heavier rainfall while remaining resilient in harsh weather conditions.