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Cladding services to improve your property’s appearance.

Protecting your home from the elements is important, and Bedford Property Services offers a long-term solution through uPVC cladding installation. As the climate in the UK can be unpredictable with extreme weather, traditional wood siding requires constant maintenance that can be time-consuming and costly. Bedford Property Services understands how busy modern lives can be, leaving little time for ongoing exterior repairs and repainting. 

Our experienced team can install durable uPVC cladding that stands up to rain, wind, and sun without the need for future upkeep. With a uPVC cladding system, homeowners get complete protection for walls, roofs, and other exterior areas. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your most valuable asset is shielded from damage while also increasing its visual appeal and property value for years to come.

Our team of trained professionals can assess your home’s needs and recommend the right cladding solution. To discuss your project and get a free no-obligation quote, call us today. 

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Cladding EXPERTS


When you need reliable cladding installation for your home or business, choose Bedford Property Services. Our trained team expertly fits appealing, long-lasting materials quickly. Contact us to get a custom solution for protecting your property.

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Whether it’s a home or a commercial building, protecting your property from the elements is crucial. The fluctuating British weather takes its toll on exterior materials like wood over time through rain, wind, frost and more. 

Without the proper protection, your siding, walls and roof could face costly damage that leads to further repairs. By installing a high-quality cladding system, you can provide robust defense from moisture and weathering that stands the test of time. 

Bedford Property Services offers a full range of cladding options made from durable uPVC, aluminum, or wood to beautify and shield your property. As a trusted name in the Bedfordshire area, Bedford Property Services can assess your building, recommend the ideal cladding solution, and handle the entire installation process professionally and efficiently. Our trained team ensure an attractive, long-lasting finish.