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Chimney Repair Services

Chimney repair service to improve your property’s appearance.

Bedfordshire Property Services is your local expert for all chimney repair needs. We have many years of experience inspecting and repairing chimneys. Whether your chimney requires minor repairs or a complete rebuild, our specialists have the skills and expertise to get the job done right.

Through a thorough inspection, we can identify any issues like cracked bricks, damaged or loose flaunching. We will create a repair plan to target problem areas and prevent further damage. Common repairs include repointing cracked brickwork, replacing damaged lead flashing, and installing caps on unused chimney pots.

For more extensive repairs, we are fully capable of rebuilding chimneys from the ground up. Complex rebuilds require careful planning and workmanship to ensure structural integrity and safety compliance. Our tidy work and explanations help clients fully understand the maintenance needs of their chimney going forward.

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Chimney Repair EXPERTS


Our specialist team delivers meticulous craftsmanship with every chimney repair project. We understand that each home and chimney structure has unique needs. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate each repair work, from detached residential homes to historic buildings, and devise customised solutions that improve both the appearance and soundness of the chimney. You can trust us to breathe new life into your chimney with skilled masonry work tailored to its specific requirements.

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Buildup of creosote from fires poses a serious fire risk and may necessitate a chimney cleaning or lining repair. Structural movement over time can cause the flue to shift out of place. Harsh weather can dislodge chimney pots or stacks if not properly maintained.

We offer comprehensive chimney repair services throughout Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. From minor issues to full rebuilds, our trained masons and engineers have the skills for any job.

Regular maintenance is important to catch small problems before they worsen. Contact us to schedule an inspection and discuss your repair options. You can trust our experienced team to handle any chimney needs with excellent craftsmanship and customer service.

Chimney Repair Bedfordshire

Bedford Property Services has provided reliable chimney repairs to homeowners across Bedford and the surrounding areas for many years. Chimneys require a great deal of maintenance as they are constantly exposed to wind, rain and sunlight every day. It is important chimney repairs and inspections are carried out promptly, as any delays could lead to severe damage over time.

Your safety and security are our top priority. We work diligently to ensure our services not only optimise your chimney’s performance, but also significantly improve protection of your home. Our experienced team are fully capable of handling any repair job, regardless of complexity or location within the UK, depending on the scope of work required.

We have dedicated professionals who are available to answer any questions regarding our services. Whether you need advice on routine maintenance, quick fixes or large-scale renovation projects, we can assist homeowners throughout Bedfordshire and beyond. Don’t delay the maintenance your chimney requires. Contact us today to discuss your needs and request a free no-obligation quote. Our team are ready to ensure your chimney operates efficiently and your property is fully secure.

Chimney Repointing

Chimney repointing and repair are important aspects of home maintenance that are often neglected. Typically, homeowners don’t think about the condition of their chimney until they face events like moving house or installing a new flue liner. However, neglecting regular chimney maintenance can result in moisture intrusion and structural damage within the property.

Furthermore, there is a heightened risk during severe weather conditions. High winds and storms can dislodge bricks, mortar, or even chimney pots, potentially causing extensive and costly damage. It is not uncommon for us to encounter significantly loose brickwork, particularly in Victorian-era homes throughout Bedford, Milton Keynes, and Luton.

Loose bricks and deteriorating mortar are more common than you might expect. Homeowners are advised to proactively address these issues before they escalate into more significant, expensive problems.

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Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is an important component of the chimney structure, playing a vital role in protecting your home from water ingress. While incorrect flashing may not immediately result in a deluge, it can lead to a gradual and persistent problem of penetrating dampness. This moisture can silently inflict long-term damage on your property.

To ensure the integrity of your chimney flashing, it is really important to engage the services of professional chimney repair specialists like us. We possess the requisite skills and knowledge, including proficiency in welding and an understanding of various tile profiles, which are necessary for competent repair work.

We have the expertise to correctly install and maintain this important aspect of your chimney, thereby safeguarding your home against the insidious effects of water damage.

Chimney Capping

For chimneys that are no longer active and cannot be removed, capping provides an effective solution. This can be accomplished by sealing the chimney’s crown as depicted, or, for those with chimney pots, by installing a chimney C-Cap. The latter is often a more cost-effective and expedient alternative.

An important factor to consider when capping a chimney is maintaining proper ventilation. Sealing the top without providing ventilation can lead to condensation and damp within the chimney breast. To prevent this, the installation of air bricks is essential, ensuring that air can circulate and moisture does not accumulate.

Chimney capping is a particularly suitable option for residences in Bedford, Milton Keynes, and Luton. It is a practical measure that not only prevents debris and animals from entering the chimney but also contributes to the overall maintenance and preservation of the property.

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Chimney Flaunching

The flaunching is the mortar layer found at the top of the chimney, surrounding the chimney pots. This important feature serves multiple purposes: it secures the chimney pots in place, safeguards the chimney’s upper section, and acts as a barrier against water entering your home. Over time, flaunching can deteriorate and develop cracks, which can lead to dampness issues as water starts to seep through these openings.

As the flaunching weakens, its protective capabilities diminish, making regular inspections crucial to prevent water ingress. Cracked or crumbling flaunching can compromise the chimney’s structure and the comfort of your home by allowing moisture to penetrate the chimney walls.

We can assess the condition of the flaunching and recommend the appropriate repairs to ensure your chimney remains watertight and structurally sound

Chimney Removal

Opting for chimney removal can be a strategic decision if the chimney is no longer in use or if budget constraints make repairs unfeasible, especially when there’s no intention to use it again. This choice eliminates ongoing maintenance requirements and significantly minimises the risk of water entering the home through the chimney.

When a chimney is removed, it’s important to ensure proper ventilation is still in place. This is typically achieved by installing air bricks, which allow for the circulation of warm air. Even when the chimney is capped below the roofline, these vents play a vital role in preventing the buildup of condensation within the capped area.

The installation of air bricks after chimney capping is an essential step to maintain the health of your home’s structure. It allows for the escape of warm, moist air, thereby reducing the likelihood of dampness and related issues that could otherwise arise from a sealed chimney. 

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Chimney Cowls

Installing chimney cowls is an effective way to stop birds from nesting within your chimney. Additionally, cowls can be equipped with protective lids to block water ingress and enhance the upward draft of the flue, promoting better ventilation. These devices serve as a guard against common chimney nuisances and contribute to the overall functionality of the fireplace.

In many cases, especially when the chimney is not excessively high, chimney repair professionals can fit cowls without the need for scaffolding. This makes the installation process simpler and more cost-effective. 

However, for taller chimneys, specialised access equipment might be necessary to safely reach the top. In such instances, using the right equipment is crucial for the safe installation of chimney cowls, and it ensures that we can work at height without compromising our safety or the integrity of the chimney structure