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Brickwork service to improve your property’s appearance.

At Bedfordshire Property Services, we understand the importance of maintaining the classic charm and structural soundness that brickwork brings to your property. Specialising in brickwork services across Bedfordshire, our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to preserving the integrity and beauty of your home. 

With a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of British architecture, we employ time-honoured techniques and materials, ensuring that each repair or restoration is sympathetic to the original design.

Our comprehensive brickwork service includes everything from replacing damaged bricks to repointing and sealing to prevent future wear. Whether it’s a historic property requiring delicate care or a modern home in need of a touch-up, our team approaches every job with the same meticulous attention to detail. By choosing Bedfordshire Property Services, you’re opting for a service that not only looks impeccable but also stands the test of time

Brickwork EXPERTS


Choose us for expert brickwork, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern reliability. Our skilled team ensures durable, aesthetically pleasing results, enhancing your property’s value and character with services tailored to the unique needs of your home.

If during our work on your property we discover bricks that are damaged, or if you’ve already identified bricks in need of care, our specialists at Bedford Property Services are on hand to carry out high-quality repairs. 

No matter the scale of the issue, we can efficiently restore any number of bricks to meet your needs. Our bespoke service is designed for residences throughout Bedfordshire, focusing on returning your building’s facade to its former splendour.

Our team brings a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring your property retains its immaculate appearance. We pride ourselves on using traditional materials, such as lime mortar, which match the original construction of your remarkable home. This approach not only maintains the aesthetic integrity of your property but also allows the structure to naturally adjust to seasonal variations and ground movement, preserving its integrity over time.

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What can you expect...

Bedford Property stands out in delivering comprehensive brickwork services, tackling everything from extensive brick restoration to precise repairs like fixing weather-damaged areas, refurbishing chimney stacks, and renewing pointing. Depend on our skilled team to assess and carry out your brickwork needs with efficiency and expertise, guaranteeing a superior finish and enduring quality.

Why you can trust us...

At Bedford Property Services, our approach to brickwork repair is meticulous and focused on preserving the original state and character of your property. Our services encompass expert repointing with lime mortar, ensuring the right porosity to allow your brickwork to “breathe” effectively. This essential step prevents the accumulation of moisture and soluble salts that can lead to penetrating damp, safeguarding the longevity and health of your walls.

Our goal is to seamlessly restore your brickwork, paying close attention to the unique features and conditions of the original construction. We take pride in our work, striving to make any repairs indistinguishable from the surrounding structure, maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your property. When we’re finished, we leave your brickwork in impeccable condition, with the quality of the restoration apparent only in its resilience and appearance. Trust in our expertise to deliver brickwork repairs that stand the test of time and remain true to your home’s heritage.

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